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Tired of wasting money on newspaper ads?

Let Rental Home Finder turn your current MLS listing into a beautiful online posting that we add to Craigslist, Rental Home Finder, and 10 more top rental search sites. 






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Don't have an MLS listing?  Then we'll build your posting from the data and photos you send us. If you're ready to fill that vacancy today, then keep reading.

For only $50, less than $5 per site, we'll get your rental listing online, your phone ringing, and your email filling with tenants interested in your property. 

 Karen Konz, RA., saved over $500 a month by switching to Rental Home Finder a little over a year ago.  In her own words:

" I was spending almost $1000 a month advertising my vacancies in the Honolulu Advertiser. Now I exclusively list my properties with Rental Home Finder and my vacancies get filled fast. Best of all, I didn't have to waste my time listing my vacancies all over the internet."

Pets OK, had similar results:

" We switched to Rental Home Finder and feed them all of our best properties.  For us, their postings are more effective than Google Adwords, Yahoo Marketing, or Microsoft AdCenter."

Still not convinced?  How about a 50% discount to get you started.

To prove just how effective and efficient our Rental Listing Service is, we'll list your first 10 rentals for HALF PRICE !! That's only $25 per address.   

Want to see a sample posting?  Click here.

Ready to start?  Email your contact info, listing details and photos to us at

Still have questions?  Use this same link and let us know how we can help.

Payment Process.  Once we receive your listing data, we'll invoice you via PayPal.  From there, you can pay using any of the options below.  Once we confirm your payment, your listing will be pushed out to the sites listed above.

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